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Necessary blanking can reduce the possibility of strengthening the stair slab to move

Date: 2020-11-18   Views: 2323

With the improvement of everyone's quality of life, more and more reinforced stair slabs appear in daily life. At the same time, because of its good aesthetics and certain value, many families have begun to use this type of stair board to beautify the stairs in their homes.

General workers will choose the appropriate installation method according to the actual situation, and will also carry out the necessary pressing work on the stair slab. Workers usually apply the skirting line against the wall, so that not only can the skirting line have the effect of hiding the ugliness, but also can effectively avoid the possibility of movement of the stair slab.

If you don't want to use skirting, you can only use small right angles or C-shaped buckles to close the edges. Secondly, the material of the side buckle is divided into three types: plastic steel, titanium gold and black gold, and you can choose the material that suits you according to the actual situation. Subsequently, the worker will begin to press the edge of the stair slab to achieve the effect of hiding the ugliness and reducing the movement of the stair slab.

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